QAU Adventure Club
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When Adventure started..

The exciting QAU Adventure club established on 24th June '06 under the auspicious of vice chancellor Prof.Dr. Qasim Jan, supervised by Dr. Abdul Hameed Toor with Co assistance of Dr. Tasnim Azim.


Dr. Matloob Hussain President
Director Sports Vice President
Dr. Tasnim Azim Secretary
Abu Muaz Muhammad Tayyab Coordinator Electronics 0322-8827488
Faisal Shamim Coordinator Geo Physics 0333-5009478
Arslan Habib Coordinator QASMS 03345430474
Waqas Khalid Coordinator Physics 0333-6391142
Ammaria Javed Female Coordinator Physics

Why to join?

Adventure Club Offers a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the thrill of adventure. It is initiation into the unexpected, a chance to accomplish something exciting and discover strengths your never knew you had .